Providence will soon welcome Thibaud Simonet for his very first residency, from June 19 to 30, from Wednesday to Sunday. 10 services, bookings only, with a unique menu. He will take you on a journey, mixing Basque Country products and Japanese traditional cooking techniques. We asked Thibaud to tell us more about him …

Thibaud is an obsessive artist: music composer, photographer, draftsman, sculptor, and of course cook. It was said when he was small that he would open his own rock n roll restaurant one day. On his Christmas list? a dehydrator, an Italian pasta machine, a smoking barbecue… He is obsessed about cooking everything homemade. Worcestershire sauce? put the ingredient 2 years in a barrel and it is done. Make beer, or sake? why not!

Since he was 18, he has learned to work as a team and as a cook during his restoration experiences. But his passion and his obsession for cooking are very personal and rather idealistic, sometimes incompatible with the most classic haute cuisine.

After a break of some time, he wanted to work again in restoration. He had only one in mind: guilo guilo in Paris, a Japanese restaurant that mixes traditional cooking, young and family spirit. In this establishment, the kitchen is at the center of the room: we follow the rhythm of the chef , and each one elaborates his own additions to the menu, we bring and explain the dishes just prepared to the customer, we advise the sakes, and everything is homemade. The result is ultra alive and very complete.

The tastes of Thibaud are still freshly marked by Japanese cuisine. For his first residency, he would like to reveal some secrets, while adapting freely to Basque cuisine, local suppliers, and customers of the restaurant. Thibaud will offer a unique 4-course tasting menu, inspired by Kaiseki cuisine, fine Japanese rural cuisine, invented for the emperor who resided in Kyoto.

Between total simplicity and ancient and precise know-how, he will use some old Japanese cooking techniques, with Basque ingredients: cook Kintoa pork (Kobé beef of pigs), mature meat and fish with Japanese homemade Koji yeast, sublimate local vegetables of high quality. A way of cooking without any waste, fully adapted to the season and the locality of the ingredients.

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