We consider tapas in Fontarrabie as the must-do expedition when we have friends at home. It is a perfect program for a Sunday brunch with kids! The only thing is that you have to make sure to choose the right tapas bar.

Pick a sun-shining day (better to enjoy the trip!), and plan to leave Guéthary around noon to arrive at Hendaye harbor around 12.30 am. The best part for kids are the little boat trop between Hendaye harbor and Fontarrabie for less than 2 euros: it is part of the game. Of course you can drive straight to Fontarrabie if it is raining cats and dogs!

Once on site, take the main road (San Pedro Kalea) which looks like a Disneyland village. No car in the main street, so it is perfect to let the children play safely. Then go straight to Ardoka Vinoteka to enjoy the best tapas in Fontarrabie. If the weather is nice, make sure to grab a wood barrel outside. We park our son’s stroller close to us and kids can run and play under their parents’ surveillance.

Our favorite dishes from the menu: squid tempuras, pan-fried foie gras, confit cod and its piquillos cream, chipirons risotto, and grilled artichokes with butter! And we still have not tested every dish. If we had a wider kitchen at Providence, we would dream to do as good as they do!

On the way back, you do a little digestive walk towards the boat shuttle to get back to your car, and then to your house, sit on your coach and read a good book to enjoy your last Sunday hours ! Cause tomorrow, it’s Monday 🙁

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