This time, we want to show some place to get fresh air. We take you for a walk between the Cap du Figuier lighthouse and the Venta Justiz (some place to eat), along the Jaizkibel hill. A splendid view, abrupt cliffs where nature makes you vulnerable!

You should do this walk with some friends cause you will need 2 cars. Consider it will take you 2 hours walking for occasional walkers like us! We prefer to go there with only big kids cause there are some tricky parts.

Departure from Guéthary is planned around 10am to arrive at Venta Juztiz parking (Hameau Jutziz, Quatier Montaña, 20280 Hondarrabia) around 10.30am. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (good to have this precision cause last time we did it, it was on a Monday! We leave one car there and you drive back to Cap du Figuier lighthouse (follow Fago de Higuer) to leave the second car. 11am: the journey can start. You can first have a look in front of the lighthouse to check the little island of Amouitz, also called “the Mouse” because it looks like one.

Then follow the coastal path that starts at the end of the parking. The first few minutes of the walk are not very exciting cause you pass by an cleaning water plant. But once you go further, here we go for an invigorating expedition along the cliffs, between sea pines and eucalyptus. We enjoy this nature in raw state, and this permanent view on the ocean. Sometimes we stop to read the stories about mermaids and witches, those creatures part of the Basque mythology, who are part of the landscape.

If the weather is sunny and warm, do not forget you swimwear: there are some creeks along the walk where you can have a swim. And no matter what, think about having a windproof jacket, cause most of the time, you have to face the wind and sea sprays all along the walk.

This expedition is the short version of a longer walk that goes to Pasajes and even San Sebastian. So be aware that after 1 hour and 30 minutes walking, you should not miss the path that goes straight to Venta Justiz. It is indicated on a little sign inland (opposite to the ocean). Here you go from the seaside to the countryside in a few steps, with sheeps and horses in their fields. And then you join the main road. When arrived, we recommend the lunch at Venta Juztiz on their sunny terrace. Or, as you are not far from Fontarrabie, you can get back in the car and stop by Ardoka Vinoteka!

You will be back in Guéthary to enjoy the end of the day on the beach with your friends!

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