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From October 30th to November 4th, the Israeli chef Tamir Nahmias will cook in Providence pocket kitchen. On the program, a thousand flavors blending dates, sesame and spices, during these autumn holidays. Have you ever heard of Greek fennel? No ? It’s normal, it does not exist. In talking with Tamir Nahmias, a plant novice […]

Mana Sakatsume, no panties

Sans-culotte ? The expression is to be taken in the first degree, see no reference to the French Revolution. For the 29-year-old Japanese girl apparently does not clutter textile, given the name of its brand, No Panties, literally sans-culotte therefore. However, the artist will not only exhibit her paintings, but will also offer her t-shirts, sweaters, […]

Good Food Good Mood with Lina Bou

Let’s start 2018 in a good mood with Lina Bou! Celebrating her “Good Food Good Mood Cookbook” release, we asked a few questions to our half Swedish half Spanish friend, nutritionist and blogger of My Taste of Health. You may have already tasted her healthy and happy cooking at Providence during one of her Sunday […]