This summer, Providence has some excitant plans for you all, that you can also follow on our IG account @providenceguethary 🙂

We don’t do reservation in the summer, so make sure to show up not too late to get your table.

In our pocket kitchen :

• Monday nights with Thibaud Simonet : sandwichs Pastrami of Galician beef & homemade smoked bacon, street food & family mood, available on site or to go for a pic nic on the beach.

• Tomas Scarpetti, Argentinian chef, cooking at night from Wed to Fri, offering small plates to share.

• Megumi, Japanese cheffe, every Saturday and Sunday nights, cooking BENTOS, on site or to go.

In our cellar : 

• Discover our natural wine selection with Roman Krassouilla. Wines available on site, or to go with a special price.

• Sunday August 26th, 7pm : Imanol Garay, magician & wine maker coming for a wine tasting.

& we offer cocktails made with local alcohols only. Our producers have talents!

On our walls : 

• Friday August 7th, 7pm : Art performance by Jason Glasser

• Friday August 28th, 7pm : Madi inaugurates her exhibition « The Week After » et Providence