This summer, Providence has some excitant plans for you all, that you can also follow on our IG account @providenceguethary 🙂

We don’t do reservation in the summer, so make sure to show up not too late to get your table.

In our pocket kitchen :

• Monday nights with Thibaud Simonet : sandwichs Pastrami of Galician beef & homemade smoked bacon, street food & family mood, available on site or to go for a pic nic on the beach.

Tomas Scarpetti, Argentinian chef, cooking at night from Wed to Fri, offering small plates to share.

Megumi, Japanese cheffe, every Saturday and Sunday nights, cooking BENTOS, on site or to go.

In our cellar : 

• Discover our natural wine selection with Roman Krassouilla. Wines available on site, or to go with a special price.

• Sunday August 26th, 7pm : Imanol Garay, magician & wine maker coming for a wine tasting.

& we offer cocktails made with local alcohols only. Our producers have talents!

On our walls : 

• Friday August 7th, 7pm : Art performance by Jason Glasser

• Friday August 28th, 7pm : Madi inaugurates her exhibition « The Week After » et Providence