Marion May, a multi-talented designer in the kitchen

Cook, but also photographer, designer and stylist. At 33, Marion May has more than one trick up her sleeve. The “self-taught designer” practices in Providence’s Poly Pocket sized kitchen throughout the month of September. Meet.

1) Where do you come from Marion?
I was born and raised in Ardèche, in the Eyrieux Valley.

2) What made you become a leader?
I started cooking by accident while living in London. There, I learned a lot about brunch cuisine, as well as the Indian and Mediterranean specialties that this multicultural city offers. I then lived in Madrid for six months. This allowed me to discover a different working methodology, as well as many sea products. Today, I live in Paris and I try to perfect my technique by working in different places, with chefs who have varied experiences.

3) What are your “signature” dishes, or, in any case, the foods that inspire you?
In general, I like to work with vegetables and spices. This is the basis of my cooking. Since more recently, it also pleases me to rediscover traditional recipes, including those of my childhood, such as Ardèche flakes (small individual patches emblematic of Provence) or bombine (potato-based dish).

4) Do you have a Madeleine of Proust culinaire?
Yes, the octopus fried. I am very sensitive to textures and I have always loved octopus because of that. My mother also made a very good traditional Armorican sauce, a bit like rust.

5) How did Providence prevail on your road?
I’ve heard about it through social media, following leaders like Elsa Marie and Céline Pham, both of whom have officiated. Then a friend, Johanna, encouraged me to introduce myself, so I went!

Self-taught creator: Marion has always worked as a cook, photographer, designer and stylist in London, Madrid and Paris, where she now works. In the kitchen, she draws as much inspiration from these cosmopolitan cities as from the rurality of her native Ardèche. It was this ‘entre-deux’ that attracted her to Providence Guéthary, a multidisciplinary pop-up, who inspired his menus, between land and ocean, a ‘back to school’ taste and the first autumn local vegetables. This first residence will also be an opportunity to federate different worlds, in the ceramic dishes created by Guéthary Pottery and painted by Johanna Olk, unveiling subtle lines and feminine, as the plate is emptied.

Marion May will cook at Providence from Wednesday September 4th to Sunday September 29th, BOOK HERE.