Originally trained as a photographer, this 22 year old brazilian girl began painting a year ago. Since then, she has kept on working on it and will exhibit her works for the first time in public, starting Monday, August 14th at Providence.

“I began my artistic training in London, with an art and design diploma. Then I got specialized in photography, but remained very open to the practical exploration of the whole range of disciplines that bring together the fine arts. It is for this reason that I started to paint, a bit on a whim, a year ago.”

“I am fascinated by the color spectrum. After a 3 month trip in Morocco this year, I got focused on the orange color, and I use it in most of my paintings. Just like in photography, I like to work on the shadow and light contrast. I am mainly inspired by the work of the photograph Wolfgang Tillsmann. His focus on natural colors and the way he combines his different works appeal to me.”

“I started painting in the Basque Country, so I find it amusing to do my first exhibition at Providence. It is a special place in my eyes, as I work there, and I appreciate the community and the way people care for each other there. Today, I want to show my work and this exhibition “Out of the context” will allow me to have the public feedbacks.”

Portrait picture by Lara Laeverenz.