Sandwiched by Julie Della Faille

The 32-year-old chef from Paris will officiate in Providence’s polly-pocket kitchen from June 5 to 16, 2019.

For two and a half years, Julie Della Faille has thrilled the kitchen of Verre Volé: a bistronomic address located in the XIth arrondissement of Paris, serving seasonal products and natural wines, and where 4 chefs take turns every week. She will leave the restaurant by the end of the month, the day before her arrival in Providence.

A chef in reconversion

Self-taught, the Parisian girl started cooking at the age of 27. “I did design studies. As it was very expensive, I was a waitress for several years. At the end of my studies, I could not find my place in fashion,” says the young woman. At the restaurant Le Dauphin, specialized in tapas, a friend, who was sommelier there, advises her to try the adventure in the kitchen.

« And then, all the doors are opened “, confides the sandwich addict. Thanks to the help of chefs such as Matthieu Canet at the Dauphin or Iñaki Aizpitarte at Chateaubriand, she began her first internship at the age of 27. She then quickly climbed the ladder.

No need to have a diploma to be a chef, according to her. “When I come to an interview, I’m asked,” So where did you work? “And rarely:” What school did you do? In any case, the kitchen, you have to live it. No school teaches you the heat, the noise, the stress you are experiencing on the ground. “

However, Julie Della Faille is not fooled by the difficulty of the job. “It’s cool to be a cook, so people tend to think it’s fun and easy. But it is a difficult profession, where one gets dirty, which requires passion. All the more so when one is a woman. Even though I feel relatively preserved, I’ve heard phrases like” Yeah, but it’s a girl! ” “

A youth cure

Forget the sandwich triangles quickly eaten, the car door just open on the highway area. Julie Della Faille is so proud of her homemade bread and toppings with onions. And those who would stop on a supposed facilitated ham-butter would be wrong. The chef who founded a sandwich shop “quali” in Paris, Interfabric to go, will surely offer its snacks at noon in Providence.

What dishes does she particularly like to cook? Sandwiches, of course, with homemade bread, but also pastries: “beautiful red fruit pies, clafoutis, seasonal sorbets”. Her hit dessert? A chou garnished with Turon cream with homemade praline. But also good Basque dishes: “the axoa, the piperade, things that cook for a long time. ” 

It is partly because of this she chose to come to Providence. But above all because she says she needs a break from her hectic pace in Paris. “I want to get closer to the products, to see the fish arrive fresh at the market of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, to fetch the lamb from the Pyrenees. ” She likes challenges, she looks forward to discover the small kitchen of the place to imagine his dishes on site.

After her two weeks of rejuvenation in Providence, she will follow several creative projects, including a pop up in the restaurant Les Monstres in Arles for the Rencontres de la photographie. A summer not so calm for this workaholic.

In the kitchen on Wednesday evening to Sunday from 5 to 16 June, 2 services per evening, 19:30 & 21:30, on reservations here.