Robin Falxa & Rebeca Bayarri : DenoiR

We knew the cat silhouette of Robin Falxa on a longboard, but not yet his art, David Bowie style, ultra colorful and offbeat, discovered on Instagram thanks to our dear Regis! He showed us the black and white illustrations of his darling Rebeca Bayarri and offered us a duet exhibition to present their brand DenoiR.

Back from Zarautz after the Vans Duct Tape Invitational, they open tomorrow their exhibition at Providence, from 19H. 

How was Zarautz?
It was a privilege to be able to participate in this great meeting of surfers! Cool atmosphere, and tapas tapas!

Where are you from? And Rebeca? And how did you become artists?
We are an Atlantico-Mediterranean couple: Rebeca is from Valencia – like oranges – and I am from Bidart. We do not really know if we are artists, but we like the general creative process, starting with the way of managing our life for example. Everything can happen.

What are you doing in life?
We follow the flow of the flow! We travel, we work, we create, so we design, we film, a lot of surf, we are interested in art, music, we do everything we love. And we try to do just that, be happy, free and independent. When you do not take things too seriously, life quickly becomes lighter.

Robin / Rebeca: the meeting?
The meeting “estelar” (stellar), dictated by the stars, we met in an exhibition.

Providence: what connection do you have with the place, how did you find out, what does it represent for you?
A lot of my friends goes to Providence for years, so it starts there. But I must say that now it’s better than ever with Caro behind the bar and her crazy avocado toast!

An exhibition together: how come?
We spend a lot of time together, and this expo is the beginning of the movement: we had to practice our experience and work together in a positive and productive way.

DenoiR brand, can you tell us more about it?
Black, because everything starts with black. It’s a word game, “de noi”, it’s “of us”, and “R”, the first letter of our names.

What inspires you?
David Bowie, Balearic Islands colors, drugs, crazy and quirky people, the quips, the years 20/30/40/50/60/70/90, the past …

Your latest news, brand website launch? Trip?
Constant travel, we get sick with the sedentary lifestyle, the website soon, we hate computers so it takes time…

An exhibition to come and see and come back and see at Providence from May 26th.
Opening of the exhibition Saturday, May 26 at 19h.

Photo Portrait by Sarah Segalla.