We are going through a quiet time over here, so we take the time to check on every artists, and what are they up to across the globe. They make us travel thanks to social media, and we guess it woud be cool if they send us a little postcard to Guéthary, to tell us what they are up to now, before they could come back to us.

This is how I came to ask Zaria Forman for some news, cause she was making me so jealous posting those beautiful pictures on her instagram account @zarialynn. Remember : she came this summer at Providence for the official launch of Panthalassa, a brand new plateform that celebrate the ocean. Zaria is a wonderful artist, she lives in NY and is known for her XXL hyperrealistic drawing of icebergs.

She is now on the other side of the planet, under the snow, in a magical place. An art residency lost in the middle of the californian forest. And she sends us a postcard 🙂

February, 7th 2017, Lake Tahoe, California.

“Dear Providence, I am currently doing an art residency at Mountainside at Northstar, in Tahoe, California. I am creating a drawing of Antarctica while I am here, which will go into my next solo show in Seattle, Washington, opening this coming Summer. I have open studio hours on the weekends, so home owners and visitors can come see my progress, and I have given two presentations on my work since I arrived. It is an incredibly lovely place.

There has been more snow in the 4 weeks I’ve been here, than they have had in the last 5 yrs. California was in a drought, so this is very needed. It’s a stunning winter wonderland, that has certainly had a positive effect on my work and my psyche. 

Aside from creating one 60″x90″ drawing during the 5 weeks of my stay, I’ve been enjoying the ski slopes, snow-shoeing up mountains, soaking in hot tubs, and enjoying the gorgeous home and studio they have generously given me for my stay.

Today, I will enjoy the snowy mountain views while I sip coffee and eat breakfast. Walk to the studio and work for several hours. There is a videographer coming to film and interview me later in the afternoon, and I have a friend arriving in the evening. 

It’s not 100% confirmed yet, but it’s looking like I will have the chance to fly with NASA‘s Operation IceBridge again! They are flying over Greenland in April, and I plan to meet them on the West Coast in Kangerlussuaq, to fly over various glaciers every day for two weeks. 

My next solo show opens June 21st at Winston Wachter Fine Art, Seattle, WA. It will feature my very first sound art piece, as well as my first video art piece, in addition to several new drawings, two of which are my largest yet (7x12feet).

I’ll be giving two talks at Harvard University this Spring. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my work with their Business Executive program, as well as their Advanced Leaders program. 

All the best and see you soon.”

Thank you Zaria 😉