One paints colorful planets, the other composes songs inspired by David Bowie’s nebulous sounds. Together, Manon Boulart and Buvette form a couple higher than the stars who will perform live with “The possible of the world”, Thursday August 3 in Providence Guéthary.

It is during the summer that the galaxy reveals its most beautiful secrets and Manon Boulart knows it. The 30-year-artist will exhibit a series of gouaches “illustrating the different ways to show the world and the universe”, from Thursday August 3 in Providence. The Swiss singer Buvette will give a solo music live performance in the open sky for the occasion.

Graduated from Beaux-Arts Paris, Manon Boulart paints and gets inspired by mythology. “I like the idea of ​​being able to represent the transformed reality that emanates from these legends,” explains the plastic artist born in Bayonne. The classic works of Nicolas Poussin, the avant-garde collages of Robert Rauschenberg and the intimate portraits of Elizabeth Peyton are touching inspirations that she uses in her works. With “a very figurative style, absolutely abstract, warm, reassuring, and illustrating a story,” says Buvette.

Exiting galleries and concert halls to reach new audiences

At the age of 31, Swiss singer Buvette aka Cédric Streuli, who sits next to the beautiful brunette, began the music by making the drums. For seven years, he worked solo with a synthesizer and a drum machine, taking inspiration from David Bowie and purified melodies by Daniel Johnston. He then joined the Pan European Recording label in 2013 and formed a group of four. “I use electro music methods, but I prefer to say that my music is pop. I raked wide with new wave sounds, afrobeat and reggae, “says the artist with the hair comparable to that of his sweet. The latter speaks of an impression of “opening a collection of poetry” when she listens to Buvette compositions.

The couple chose to come to Providence because it is a hybrid place in the image of their approach between painting and music. Far from the concert halls or galleries, Manon Boulart and Buvette intend to touch a new audience, in a place dear to Manon since she has been frequenting it for several years. The young painter is also responsible for the communication of the festival of music and contemporary art Baleapop which will take place from 23 to 27 August 2017 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. She will not show, but Buvette will do a DJ set on August 27th.