Franck Sinatra use to sing “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York”. Compared to the bustle of the big apple, where he started his career, Jason Glasser prefers the peaceful atmosphere of Guéthary. For the fifth time, the plastician comes back to Providence for the “Jason Glasser Show” from 16 September.

Since 2012, Jason Glasser has been part of the “Providence Family”, as he likes to call it. For this exhibition, he changes his bright colors into black and white only pieces; the oil paintings on canvas and the collage on glass into a series of engravings made in India ink. His summer patterns, where waves, sun and birds meet, remain very present in his productions and take you on a nice journey, from September 16th at Providence.

For more than ten years in Paris, Jason Glasser draws on his American imagination, inspired by landscapes and great plains to build his paintings. He is influenced by the colors and forms of David Hockney, such as his representation of the rocky mountains, as well as those of Philippe Guston and Raymond Pettibon. The rock record sleeves of the 70s, T.Rex and Steve Miller for example, also stimulate him in his artistic production as well as landscapes of nature in themselves, and especially those of the Basque country.

Like a whirlwind, Jason Glasser plays with materials to create art pieces with his “pop, fun and above all positive” look, as he defines it himself . Between painting, singing and making music videos, the visual artist presents himself as a follower of what is immediate and instantaneous. The singer has already worked with Providence and DJ Étienne de Crécy to record in Guéthary his title “New wave” released in 2015. His patterns were also used in collaboration with stylist Vanessa Seward and for the brand APC. To celebrate this new exhibition, we choose one of Jason art piece to do a hand made serigraphy on tee on site, available for sale now at Providence.