During the 2 coming months, Providence welcomes Adrien Witte, chef from Brittany. He has been already cooking for one week, and it is amazing how he creates the surprise with different menus every night, with fresh and local products coming from the market and la criée. A passionate human being, without a doubt, and full of surprises. Come and discover its cuisine, in the evening from Wednesday to Sunday, by reservation here.

Adrien: where do you come from ?

I am from Brittany, in Southern Finistère. A small village called Le Pouldu: in Britanny, it means “the black hole” (Le Pouldu) “at the end of the earth” (Finistère). It doesn’t sound very sexy, but Gauguin did came to spend a few years here, tasting apple alcohol and painting a few art pieces. I have always been attached to this place: it is authentic, rural, and friendly. It is amazing to live there and we breathe fresh air.

How did you become a chef? 

I was 25 year old, I was sitting in my chair in front of my computer in a large office, in a beautiful building, in Sydney, not far from the opera house, doing corporate finance. A situation that may not seem that bad: I lived in a beautiful place, but I was so bored at work. I felt the opposite way of my colleagues, and I told myself that it was impossible to do this for another 40 years. So I made a strong and difficult decision: I gave up everything to do what I like: cooking. So I was back in France, and to be honest, I did not really want to stay in the “black hole in the end of the earth” at the moment… So I followed an intensive cooking training in Bayonne at Le Greta then I worked in various places in Hossegor, then at Waxed. That’s when I got to know Providence too: I often came with my friends to eat at Providence and told myself that one day it would be so nice to be able to cook here :)! After 2 years in Hossegor, I decided to leave the coast. So I left to Paris, I worked at Le Dauphin, with Chef Mathieu, then headed to Copenhagen where I worked for 1 year at Manfreds, a natural wine bar of the Relae group, then Amass, known for its environmental approach and zero waste policy. After 2 and a half years in Copenhagen, it was the right time, with the covid, to come back to France and start something new, more personal.

A signature dish?

Maybe not to have any 🙂 Always looking for something new, following a certain path maybe, but I like never doing the exact same thing, it’s a bit boring. Otherwise, I would have stayed in finance!

What’s important for you in cooking?

Taking into account everything, not only the cooking, but all what’s linked to it. Asking yourself the right questions about the message you are trying to convey. I try to highlight that the potential of a product is often not entirely exploited, that we can use much more, and therefore reduce our waste which is far too numerous, especially in the restaurant business. The most important thing is also to try to make people happy, that they spend a good moment. It’ll sound a bit stupid, but when I quit my finance job, the only thing I said to my boss was that I wanted to make people smile by cooking for them, not stress and piss them off about figures. So I try to respect that, it’s not always easy but I hope people have a good time when I cook.

Alongside Adrien, there is Augustine, passionate about natural wines, who will also accompany you during your dinners with us at Providence.

Infos: Adrien Witte cooks at night, from Wednesday to Sunday. Services at 7.30pm & 9pm. Book your table HERE.